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 Welcome to Darchei Binah!

Darchei Binah Women’s School for Advanced Torah Studies opened its doors in Elul 5755/1995 in response to a growing demand in the community for a cohesive vision of Torah instruction for women. Educators, parents and students, searching for an environment of both sanctity and creative fulfillment, provided the inspiration behind the formation of this new innovative program. Students coming to Darchei Binah are offered a richly diverse program and are exposed to the foremost educators that Jerusalem can provide. Within this framework, our young women blossom as they begin the path toward becoming our future Nashim V’Emahos BeYisrael.

Our program of study reflects its goal of pursuing academic excellence and personal development. Faculty members meet with students on an individual basis to provide caring guidance and insight into confronting the challenges of life. Members of our staff were chosen based on our seminary’s belief that truth in Torah reflects itself through the prism of a person’s individual greatness. 

Darchei Binah was founded and is directed by noted educators Rabbi and Mrs. Shimon Kurland, following the guidance and inspiration of Harav Nachman Bulman zt”l, whose vast resources in all areas of Torah study and communal leadership shaped the heart and soul of the seminary. The Kurland’s general vision of women’s Torah education and their caring supervision of each individual student create a warm and dynamic atmosphere.




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