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Extracurricular Activities

Extra-curricular tripThe Darchei Binah experience is augmented by extracurricular activities, including day trips which are held in conjunction with the Geography of Israel course. Jerusalem and its environs are explored in depth as our students grow in their love for and understanding of the Land of their forefathers. Overnight tiyulim are scheduled throughout the year as well, allowing our students to experience both the beauty and the history of Israel from north to south. Shabbatonim are scheduled on a monthly basis in locations of interest throughout the country. They provide an ideal forum in which to expose our students to different lifestyle experiences, and they foster unity between students and faculty who participate in the shabbatonim.

Yemei Iyun are conducted in preparation for chagim and relating to special topics of interest. Darchei Binah utilizes the wide range of resources found in Jerusalem to expose our students to the finest speakers available.

The mystique of Jerusalem proves to be particularly fertile soil for growth, especially on the Shabbat as our students are encouraged to share meals and partake of hospitality in the homes of faculty members. These Shabbat encounters add a special depth to the academic program resulting in experiential learning of unmatched dimensions.