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Jewish Liturgy

JP101;102 Effective Prayer (1-0-1)

Philosophy of prayer; the G-d/man relationship; the roots of prayer; the approach of Rabbi Isaac Luria.
Man in prayer; including attention techniques, preparation for prayer.

Course requirements: In class essay, final examination.

Two semester course. Credit only given for students who stay both semesters.

JP103;104 Prayer (1-0-1)

Various prayer texts as they are utilized to highlight changes in the yearly holiday cycle. Daily prayer, holiday prayer, prayers associated with the High Holy Days, and prayers of grief and consolation.

Course requirements: Pass/Fail course. Attendance required.

JP201;202 Effective Prayer II (1-0-1)

An in-depth study of the various segments of the daily liturgy from the prayer book itself. Analysis of the unique characteristics of Sabbath and Festival Prayers.