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The academic program in Darchei Binah offers a wide range of subject offerings geared toward helping our students gain textual mastery in a skills oriented framework as well as offering exposure to many leading Torah thinkers and educators. Students are encouraged to work independently in our innovative Nach Yomi program. Daily, chavrutot convene and study specific portions of Tanach with selected commentaries

The classic Nachmanides’ Commentary on the Torah is also studied independently throughout the year. Students who require assistance are given the opportunity to work with specially appointed tutors in order to improve their language skills and learn to approach the text on their own. For those students interested in attaining a teaching certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Education, Darchei Binah provides a framework of observation and student teaching within government recognized elementary and high schools. This, in conjunction with our theoretical pedagogue courses, entitles students to a teaching credential for the Diaspora.

Our academic departments include a wide selection of course offerings in the following general areas: Bible, Jewish Law, Jewish Philosophy, Psychology, Oral Tradition, Jewish Liturgy, Geography, and Jewish History.

We also offer a fully accredited second year program where are students have the opportunity to complete another full year of intensive Judaic Studies courses. Secular college courses are offered on our campus on an optional basis for our second year students in order to facilitate those women who will be completing college degrees after leaving Darchei Binah.