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PSY101;102 Stages of Spiritual Growth: A Depth Psychology of Personal Development (2-0-2)

This course defines spiritual growth, and analyzes the psychological issues that impact upon it: What constitutes spiritual growth? What self knowledge and psychological skills must I acquire, if I am to accomplish my spiritual task in this world? What are the underlying philosophical axioms of non-Jewish culture that sabotage my psychological health and my spiritual growth? As we answer these questions, we will find that spiritual growth follows a predictable sequence, and we will provide a comprehensive philosophical system which explains why this is so.

The textual foundation of this philosophical system includes some Midrash and Aggadata, as well as Torah thought of modern times, as expressed by Rabbi Chayim of Volozhin, Rabbi S.R. Hirsch, Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen, Rabbi Kook, the Chazon Ish, Rabbi Dessler, Rabbi Hutner, and Rabbi Soloveitchik, among others. The relevant texts will be studied in class.

Course requirements: Final exam per semester.

PSY105;106 The Psychology of Education (1-0-1)

Analysis of social and physical factors and their influence on attitudes in the classroom; discussion of current educational trends and their soundness in the classroom; classroom management and discipline; theories of learning and methods of teaching; the psychology of early childhood and adolescence.

Course requirements: Videoed model lesson, term paper

PSY107;108 Teaching Practicum (1-1-1)

Classroom observation and student teaching for those students who wish to obtain a teaching certificate.
Course requirements: Classroom observation and model lessons.

PSY109;110 Relationships (1-0-1)

Course designed to offer tools on topics related to personal growth and development as students enter adulthood: Discovering your Personal Learning Style. Body image, diet and health. Emotional intelligence and self esteem. “It’s all about relationships”. Understanding depression, addiction, abuse, stress, anxiety, bereavement and other topics in coping with adult life.

Course requirements: Pass/Fail. Attendance required

PSY201;202 Matches and Mates (1-0-1)

Classic Jewish psychological and philosophical attitudes relating to the search for and choice of one’s life mate. Guidelines for the establishment of a Jewish home based on the wisdom and words of the rabbis in the Talmud.

Course requirements: Pass/fail course. Attendance required.

PSY203;204 Seminar in Outreach Techniques (1-1-2)

A series of lectures given by preeminent outreach professionals on basic principles of teaching and programming for the Jewish community at large. Seminar will include fieldwork in organizations dedicated to outreach (kiruv rechokim).

Course requirements: Pass/Fail course. Attendance required.