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Welcome to Darchei Binah

Above all else, Jerusalem is a city of learning; a city of yeshivot, seminaries, batei medrash and kollelim; a city filled with the voices of young children singing the song of their heritage; a city of homes filled with age worn volumes that bespeak our history and our present.  Each year thousands of students arrive in Jerusalem to absorb the timeless message which permeates the very stones of this beloved city.

Darchei Binah Women’s School for Advanced Torah Studies opened its doors in Elul 5755/1995 in response to a growing demand in the community for a cohesive vision of Torah instruction for women.  Educators, parents and students, searching for an environment of both sanctity and creative fulfillment, provided the inspiration behind the formation of this new . Students coming to Darchei Binah are offered a richly variegated program and are exposed to the foremost educators that Jerusalem can provide.  Within this framework, our young women blossom as they begin the path toward becoming our future Nashim V’Emahos BeYisrael.